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During the past 40 years the hospitality industry in Anaheim and Orange County has undergone tremendous growth, and, there is reason to believe that our business will continue to grow and facilities expand. One of the challenges that accompanies those progressions is the need for an educated, trained and enlightened staff. Whether it’s a hotel sales staff, front office personnel, operating people or a supplier’s contact team, the need for competent employees is a constant. The ever present turnover in our business increases that need.

The Anaheim/Orange County Hotel & Lodging Association is dedicated to helping to provide that education and training. Our monthly programs, using industry speakers and professional trainers, aid in accomplishing that goal.

Additionally, our Association, through its Board of Directors and affiliation with other industry organizations, helps monitor the issues that arise locally and at the state level. While there can be no substitute for the direct involvement of those “on the firing line” our efforts to alert, rally and motivate those forces is a necessary ingredient.

Many lodging companies and supplier firms provide in house training and education. But there can never be enough to satisfy the growing need of new employees and refreshers for the veterans on the staff. One membership in the Anaheim/Orange County Hotel & Lodging Association opens our programs to ALL your key employees. A very cost effective investment!! And, you’ll develop useful contacts with colleagues in the business throughout Anaheim and Orange County.

Two thoughts come to mind that are attributed to John Wooden, the legendary basketball coach and professional motivator. “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” And my favorite, “When you’re through learning---you’re through.” We strive to meet those challenges so that we are never “through”.



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Executive Director

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